Your advantages

The electro thermal pre-stressing does not need media inside of the pipe. This means the pipe line remains dry (no corrosion) and there is no need for blind flanges and valves.

The reduced weight of the pipe line reduces tremendously the friction forces during the pre-heating process. Therefore, the backfilling of the trench can be done up to 3/4 of the pipe outer diameter prior to the pre-stressing process.

The pre-heating is usually done over night in order not to disturb the construction site work. After achievement of the desired heating temperature and elongation the backfilling can start immediately.

Within cities a pre-stressing is possible with open trenches less than 2 pipe pieces long without problems since there is no media inside of the pipe.

During the whole operation of the pipe system the pump capacity is reduced due to a minimum of bends. The joints are relieved of stress which increases their life expectancy.

There are no costs for u-loops, backfilling material, excavation, foam cushions and compensation elements. The amount of welding seems and valves are reduced tremendously.



Summary of advantages:

  • no costs for heating media
  • tremendous reduction of friction forces during pre-heating process
  • no u-loops or compensation elements, less elbows
  • less excavation, welding seems, valves, foam cushions
  • no disturbance of construction work since pre-stressing over night
  • reduced pump capacity during operation of pipe system

ResiTherm stands for a complete service package from consulting on the best pre-heating sections considering the different pre-heating methods up to the execution of the pre-stressing on construction site including recording of the process.