PipeHeater - the direct pipe heater

A well defined current is fed through the pipe so that the temperature of the whole steel pipe section is hold equally. The pipe itself acts as the heater. There is no need for additional heating material or sensors inside of the pipe system.

PipeHeater - ideal for

  • vacuum coaxial systems
  • steel-in-steel-pipes and
  • plastic jacket pipe for all pipe diameters.

PipeHeater warms up

  • all conductive materials
  • with positive temperature coefficient
  • to each wanted temperature
  • independent from pipe diameter.

PipeHeater helps you to

the viscosity of heavy oil and high boiling distillates
the crystallization of the medium
the pump and filtration ability of the medium
Protect water supplies and vacuum distillate pipe lines in case of emergency (frost, boiler failure)


PipeHeater reduces

costs for energy, material and personell. Standard pipes can be used since there is no need for additional conduits for feeding the heating cables. Maintenance of the pipe line is not necessary and the pipes can be laid underground. Time intensive repair works are cancelled since there is neither material fatigue nor failure of partly heating sections.